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Strengthen Workers’ Voices

Don’t let big employers take away the fundamental right of people to stick together to speak up for themselves at work; public policy should support workers who choose to form a union.

1. Start Your Own Campaign for Change in the Workplace

Big or small, has all of the tools and technology you need to organize in the workplace. Start here.

2. Get the Facts

Since 1948, productivity in America is up by 254% while worker wages have only increased by 113%. Wage stagnation has continued in part, due to declining union membership, which dropped by half over the last 30 years. Get the facts and figures on the importance of unions help all workers from the Economic Policy Institute

3. Find, Start and Support Unions and Workers Rights Organizations

Here some of the largest unions in the US.  If you can’t find information you are looking for, send us an email.

4. Thank a Worker

Take a moment to recognize the women and men who do the work that keeps America strong. Send or print one of these awesome cards care of the AFL-CIO

5. Share Your Story

If you’ve ever been a tipped restaurant worker, share your story with the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) LIVING OFF TIPS campaign and help raise the voices and lives of tipped restaurant workers to the national scale, letting policymakers, press, and the public know who we are and how we need a raise!

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