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Invest in Education

Ensure everyone has access to a great education spanning from early childhood to post-secondary.

1. Support The Preschool For All Initiative

This nationwide program will improve the quality of and expand access to high-quality preschool and early education programs for all low- and moderate-income families. Learn more.

2. Read President Obama’s Plan

President Obama has introduced a new set of ideas to rethink the way in which we pay for higher education.  Read and share the details to help get out the news.

3. Help Make College More Affordable

Soaring college costs and crushing student debt not only limit access to quality higher education, but prevent young people from contributing to a much needed thriving middle class. Sign Generation Progress’s petition to show your support.

4. Read The Monumental Investigation into American Daycare

In April 2013, Jonathan Cohn at the New Republic published The Hell of American Day Care – an investigation into the barely regulated, unsafe business of looking after our children. This groundbreaking report inspired our much needed attention on this issue.


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