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Get Big Money Out of Politics

Overturn Citizens United so that corporations can’t spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns, and in return affect public policy and spending priorities.

1. Demand That Citizens United Be Overturned

Support Common Cause in getting Big Money out of politics. Learn more and add your name to the petition

2. The Story of Citizens United

Watch this video to learn more about Citizen’s United.

3. Support the American Anti-Corruption Act

Go to and add your name to over 426,000 Americans in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, a proposal that would overhaul campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics laws. Sign the petition now.

4. Follow The Money on

Explore The Center for Responsive Politics website to track money in U.S. politics and how it effects elections and public policy.

5. Stamp Money Out of Politics. Literally.

Join Shepard Fairey and 140 diverse organizations in The Stamp Stampede. It’s a concrete way for you to raise your voice and spread the word.   It provides a concrete way for people to take action that will have a lasting and growing impact.




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