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Concerned Citizen

Now is the time to energize, mobilize and organize. Together, we can help make our economy stronger.

Rich business guys like me are not job creators, it’s actually our customers who are the job creators – we are not the center of the economic universe, they are.

Nick Hanauer

6 Ways To Get Involved

1. HOST: Complete this screening request form and let us know where you’d like to host a screening or use TUGG to bring the film to your local theater.

2. EXPLORE: Visit to see exactly how you and your income are being affected.

3.  CHEW ON THIS: Download ROC United’s National Diners Guide to see if your favorite restaurants offer fair wages and benefits to their employees.

4. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES: Donate $5 to Create Jobs For USA and help provide loans to underserved and small community businesses. Here’s how it works!

5. GET ORGANIZED: Use Mint to pull all your financial accounts into one place so you can set a budget, track  goals and do more with your money (and it’s free!)

6. START A CAMPAIGN: Create a petition and tap into the 8 million members ready to create progressive change.

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