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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the film open in theaters?

The Weinstein Co. – Radius-TWC released Inequality for All in theaters on September 27th. The film is now on DVD, Netflix, iTunes etc.

If you don’t see a theater near you, organize one! Create a time to screen at a theater in your town at a date and time of your choosing, tell your friends to sign up, and if enough people join the event our friends at Tugg will take care of the rest. You can create an event here.

Can I show this film in my school/church/home/library/union hall/etc…?

Yes! If you are interested in organizing a screening for your group, please complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

Is it legal to show the film outside my home without a screening license?

No. You can buy a public screening license if you’d like to show. You cannot legally show the film using the consumer DVD or by streaming from Netflix. To obtain a license, visit our page on ro*co films.

When will the film be on television?

The film will not be televised. It is available on VOD on iTunes, google play etc.

When can I get it on DVD?

It is available on DVD today! You can order your DVD on Amazon and other online retailers.

What about Netflix?

The film is now available on Netflix! You can rent or stream it TODAY!t.

How can I stay in touch with you about the film?

Like us Facebook.

Does the film have Spanish or French subtitles?

The DVD will have Spanish subtitles and English closed captions.

What is the rating of the film?

The film is rated PG (even though inequality is pretty scary stuff).

Do you have a screening discussion guide?

We sure do! You can download it on our Resources & Partners page.

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